1. What is Homeopathy?


  • Homeopathy is a safe and natural form of alternative medicine which heals the whole individual not only disease.
  • It has been developed nearly 200 years ago by German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who is known as the father of Homeopathy.
  • It works on the principle like cures like which means a homeopathic medicine is one which produce same symptoms as those the sick person complains of, and in doing so sharply provokes the body into throwing them off.
  • Homeopathy assists body’s own healing energies rather than overriding them.


2. How Homeopathic medicines does work?


  • Homeopathic philosophy is that every person is different.
  • The same remedy, the same diet, the same general advice does not necessarily help everyone with the same ailment.
  • If person is sick, suffer not only from the basic diagnostic symptoms of the disease, but also from other symptoms which are specific to each person.
  • In Homeopathic care plan in, during case taking, person is being asked questions about his/her inherited predisposition, past illnesses, diet, general reactions to the environments, intellectual and emotional feature, and general attitude to life.
  • Based upon, this information homeopathic medicine will be selected.
3. What are homeopathic medicines made up of?
  • Most of homeopathic medicines are derived from plant and minerals, some from animal and human tissues or secretions.
  • These medicines are being prepared by a potentizing or activating process involving dilution and succussion.
  • The potency and dose vary upon each person’s individual need and the medicines are provided in either pilules or drops.
4. How to take Homeopathic Medicines?
  • They are best taken in between meals at least half an hour after eating, should be dissolved the pills or dropped the dilution on to a clean togue.
  • Should not be taken after brushing teeth, strong flavored sweets, spicy food and straight after drinking coffee.
  • Place homeopathic medicines away from strong heat, light or smells (perfumes).
5. Can Homeopathic medicines be taken with conventional medicines?
  • Yes, Homeopathic medicines will not interfere with any drugs your GP has prescribed for you.

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